Mini-hygrometer E-Paper Display Packs



Historically, display technologies have always been thirsty for power. In the past, cathode ray tubes and incandescent bulbs sucked up electrons as if they were free beer. Eventually, LEDs and LCDs came along and drastically reduced that number, but the king of low-power display technologies remains ePaper and eInk. Requiring power only when refreshing the screen, they can be left on indefinitely, consuming little or no current. It’s great for low power constructions such as [Andrew Lamchenko’s] miniature hygrometer. (Video, embedded below.)

The version runs on an nRF52811 microcontroller, connected to a 1.02 ″ ePaper display for just $ 7. An SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor is then interrogated to sample the ambient conditions and the results displayed on the screen. The advantage of this is that the device can be powered from a coin cell battery and configured to update at infrequent intervals, such as once an hour. It can then be checked by the user without having to turn it on.

The low-power design means this would be the perfect device to leave in a guitar case or cellar for months at a time. As a bonus, it is also capable of Smart Home integration thanks to on-board Bluetooth capabilities. It would probably be trivial to upgrade this in a tweet humidifier, like we haven’t seen since 2009!

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