Miniature art on display at the Dunedin Palace of Fine Arts



A folk art form has become the center of attention in a town in Pinellas County.

Welcome to the small world of miniature art at the Dunedin Palace of Fine Arts.

“It’s phenomenal the people who come,” said Kay Petryszak, former president of the Miniature Art Society of Florida.

The Miniature Art Society of Florida welcomes painters from 11 different countries and 33 states. The highlight of the annual exhibition is the best in miniature art.

“A world. A wonderful world has opened up,” said Kathy Pollak, a miniature artist. “To me, I could say wow, I can do anything little.”

Rosalind Pierson came from England to attend the event. She started in miniature art over 40 years ago.

“I think if you’re a natural miniaturist, you get used to it too,” Pierson said.

“This smallest painting we have is on a real postage stamp,” Kay said.

Portraits cannot exceed 25 square inches.

“It usually takes longer due to the uniqueness and the smallness and the fact that you want it to be very real and all the details,” Kay said.

Kathy Pollak has painted large portraits in the past.

“My husband said there was no more room for art in this house,” Pollak said.

So she got little.

“If you are an artist, you can find a place in the miniature world,” said Kathy.

A big world that paints small places. This is the 43rd edition of the event.

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