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From a cottage that appears to belong to the Sherwood Forest to a well-stocked modern tool shed, welcome to Karen Hennigan’s world of miniatures.

Over the next few months, the Peters Township Public Library is exhibiting the small creations of the late Ms. Hennigan, whose family members wanted the public to appreciate the extent of her talents.

Harry Funk / The Almanac

A chalet evokes thoughts of a distant time.

“After Karen passed away, we received quite a few memorials for her, for making books, miniature books, dollhouse books and things like that,” said library director Lacey Love. , who added that these objects were part of the exhibition. “So if people want to learn more about the subject or if they want to indulge their hobby on their own, the books are there for them. “

Ms. Hennigan was a steadfast member of the Three Rivers Miniature Club, which meets at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month at Eat’n Park, 3380 Washington Road, Peters Township.


Harry Funk / The Almanac

The riverboat on display looks like it is worthy of a river.

She was also a loyal patron of the library, which is a great place to view her creations.

“It was fun to see the teens, when they finished their tutoring, come and take a look,” Love said. “So I think it affects a different age group as well. “

As part of the exhibition, a guestbook is available for visitors to sign and write a bit about their favorite pieces or what really impresses them.

“We plan to return this to the family once the screen loan is complete,” Love said.

For example, someone may rave about the majestic riverboat, with adornments including a small lifeboat. Or a room full of even tinier household items might attract special praise.

Either way, the duly impressed library manager said that creating small art meant something special to Ms Hennigan, according to family members:

“She had a variety of hobbies and creative things that she was into, but miniatures were kind of her passion.”


Harry Funk / The Almanac

A well-stocked tool collection is essential for any home, even the smallest one.

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