Miniature masterpieces on display at the Museum of Russian Icons



In the last episode of Open studio with Jared Bowen, we visit the Museum of Russian Icons to present two new exhibitions. “Painted Poetry: Alexander Gassel, A Retrospective” is an exhibition of contemporary paintings by Russian-born American artist and designer Alexander Gassel that mixes avant-garde with traditional Russian iconography and combines ancient symbols with subjects contemporaries. The exhibition “Russian Lacquer Boxes” presents more than 100 lacquer boxes from the villages of Feodskino, Palekh, Khouli and Mstera. Miniature Masterpieces is on view until May 23. Alexander Gassel is on view until September 26.

WATCH: Jared discusses the latest exhibits on Morning edition with host Joe Mathieu

Also appearing in this episode, secret magic society The Conjurors’ Club draws the curtain for the first time in 100 years for an interactive experience that redefines the face of modern magic. Take your place in the front row and immerse yourself in the arcane and the mysterious with three different magicians. Physical distance cannot stop the mind’s incredible reading illusions, illusions of reality, and extraordinary transformations from reaching through the screen and directly into your home.

Watch the latest Open studio with Jared Bowen below.

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