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If you can’t afford the Wrymwood Hero Vault, here’s a great little hack to safely transport or store your miniatures. Most players have a few dice cases lying around from previous dice set purchases. With all my dice ending up in one Royal crown bag, these dice cases are left unused. Cases are often the perfect size for storing and displaying many 28mm or similar sized miniatures, so I use them to safely transport my character’s miniature to conventions, and have used them as a gift case when I painted miniatures for family members.

It’s an easy little hack. From a leftover dice case from a Chessex dice game purchase, I glued a piece of 4×1 square Lego (because it was handy) with some sticky putty to the bottom of the case. I then added sticky putty on top of the Lego block to hold (and easily release) the miniature. Finally, using leftover fabric from another wrapping job or gift, I embellished the bottom of the case.

First stage of the case
First place sticky putty on the bottom of the case to hold a block. The block consists of lifting the figure up to the clear level of the case. I had a Lego handy, but anything similar in size would work. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
Case Step 2
Place some sticky putty on top of the block. This will hold the miniature in place but also allow you to easily remove the miniature when you need it. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
Case Step 3
Use tissue paper to embellish the ugly Lego putty/tacky. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
There you go, final deal
Here. The finished miniature showcase. Look, I’ve painted one of my millions of Reaper Bones figures! Photo by Ryan Hiller.

So ! A perfect little case for storing, transporting or displaying your miniature, and perfect for gift giving. Since you probably already had the empty dice case, it’ll probably cost next to nothing to do, and you can feel good about being green: recycling old materials and all. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a little, the Wrymwood Hero Vault is pretty swanky. With only a few days left on their Kickstarter, it’s worth checking out.

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