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The Marilyn Murray Miniatures Exhibit is now open at Childers Art Space.

A hundred miniature paintings will make up Childers Marilyn Murray’s new exhibition.

The exhibition recently opened at Childers Art Space and is on view until September 18.

With no artwork larger than 8.9cm x 6.4cm, Meeting History in Miniature is an exhibition of 100 framed paintings that take the viewer on a visual tour of South East Queensland.

Country churches, community halls, pubs and old cinemas have all been immortalized in these beautifully executed miniatures.

Marilyn said the exhibit was initially going to be inspired by her travels to Australia, but was adapted as travel plans changed.

“I painted my first picture for this exhibition in 2017, but the majority of the work has been completed over the past two years,” Marilyn said.

“Initially, my exhibition was to feature buildings from all over Australia, as we had planned to do the big loop.

“However, due to Covid and the inability to travel interstate for the better part of the last two and a half years, the exhibition features meeting places between Bundaberg and Brisbane and includes many small towns along the way .

“It’s amazing the amount of inspiration available in this small part of Australia.”

Marilyn said she has been painting miniatures for a few years now, documenting her travels everywhere she goes.

“I find them a wonderful way to document my life and travels and not take up too much space in my studio,” she said.

“Following my previous exhibition ‘Memories in Miniature’, I realized that I really enjoyed painting the architecture I encountered during my travels, so I decided to broaden this theme and focus on meeting places of elders such as old churches, community halls, pubs and theatres.

“I think in our time, with so much of our social interaction online, the joy of interacting with our local communities is being lost.”

Marilyn Murray miniatures capture memories, emotion

Marilyn said the details of each miniature painting clearly depicted the different locations and she hoped they would evoke emotion in those who visited the exhibit.

“I hope my exhibition will trigger good memories for people of old,” she said.

“I imagine comments like ‘Oh, that’s where my parents got married’, ‘I had a wonderful first date in that pub’ or ‘I had my 21st birthday in that room ‘.

“As each miniature is a highly detailed work of art, I hope my work will be recognized for its complexity and uniqueness.”

marilyn murray thumbnails
Three of the works exhibited as part of Marilyn’s exhibition.

Live in Children Since 2007, Marilyn said she has spent most of her visual arts and creative time in the area.

“I have been painting since 2005,” she says.

“Visual art is not only my creative outlet but also a wonderful memory aid.

“Unlike photography, when I put a memory on canvas or on paper, the feelings and emotions of that time stay with me.”

See the Marilyn Murray Miniatures exhibition at Childers Art Space, 72 Churchill St, Childers.

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