New Betrayal at House on the Hill expansion turns you into a werewolf


The new edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill is getting bigger this Halloween.

Announced by Avalon Hill for Gen Con (the first event of the year in terms of board games and the best tabletop RPGs), The Werewolf’s Journey: Blood on the Moon brings a new character and monster to the 3rd edition Betrayal at House on the Hill – only they’re the same person.

“Sara may look like your typical teenage girl, but all of that will change in the most awful and terrifying way when she transforms into a savage werewolf when Haunt happens,” the blog post read. official. (opens in a new tab). Judging from the promotional images, it looks like Sara’s character card starts out on her human side before being flipped over to reveal her monstrous form when triggered.

Along with miniatures for Sara and her animal alter ego, the pack also includes five hauntings written to include the werewolf, four game cards, a pair of room tiles, and a custom scenario card. These are done in the same crisp, more detailed style we mentioned in our Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition vs 2nd Edition guide. If we’re not mistaken, the cover art for the expansions is also by Hydro 74 – the artist behind many alternate covers for the Dungeons & Dragons books).

Werewolf's Journey: Blood on the Moon Promo Plan

(Image credit: Hasbro)

That’s not the only Avalon Hill reveal from Gen Con so far, though. In addition to a strategy game called The Yawning Portal (opens in a new tab) Based on the best Dungeons and Dragons books, the revitalized HeroQuest (which earned a spot on our list of the best classic board games) is also getting another expansion. The first is Rogue Heir of Elethorn, a character pack that brings a rogue into action who can’t use metal armor but is equipped with multiple daggers and a bandolier. You can pre-order it now for $16.99 through Hasbro Pulse (opens in a new tab).

Next is a recreation of The Mage of the Mirror, a bonus set of quests from the original HeroQuest expansion that has been updated for the latest edition of the game. Slated for a Spring 2023 launch, it contains 10 quests, 33 miniatures and 35 game cards.

Perhaps the most intriguing announcement, however, is HeroScape: Age of Annihilation, a revival of a wargame that hasn’t been seen on the tables in over a decade. Although little is known about how it works, some of its miniatures – including what appear to be a dragon, soldiers with guns, insectoid warriors and what appear to be fantastical ogres – have been teased in a quick trailer. Because HeroScape brought fighters from time and space together in Valhalla, it’s likely that Age of Annihilation will continue that trend.

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