New York Comic Con 2022 showcases the magical art of “Potter”



New York Comic Con 2022 was filled with magical merchandise for all Wizarding World fans. From stunning art prints to adorable character recreations, several artists exhibiting at the convention showcased their impressive talent and ongoing passion for the world of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Vinyl Figures from Handmade by Robots

Vinyl figurines of “Harry Potter” characters created by Handmade by Roberts were presented at NYCC 2022.

Handmade by Robots presented an adorable collection of vinyl figures inspired by different Potter characters. The vinyl figures have a unique hand-knit style that sets them apart from other figures. Ron, Harry, Hermione, Draco, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Luna and Hagrid were proudly displayed on the stand, with miniature versions of the figures to come as well!

Hogwarts House Art Prints by Gabe Riberio

Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students are featured on two NYCC 2022 art prints.

Gabe Riberio presented prints for each of the Hogwarts houses at NYCC 2022.

In Artist Alley, Gabe Riberio exhibited his impressive Hogwarts house art prints. Designs based on the four houses were available for fans to purchase, and they perfectly encapsulated the values ​​and aesthetics of each Hogwarts house. Each print featured a cute caricature of a Hogwarts student embodying the characteristics of the Houses.

Potter-Themed skirts by Brittnee Braun Designs

A rack of fandom-themed skirts showcased at NYCC 2022.

Several Wizarding World-themed skirts were on display at NYCC 2022.

Several superb PotterThemed skirts were available from the Brittnee Braun Designs stand at the show. Some of the magical designs included a collage of the United States Potter book covers, the Marauder’s Map home page, chocolate frogs, and a collage of different magical items from the series, including flying keys, potions, and more!

Golden Trio bookmarks by Tony Santiago Art

Harry, Ron and Hermione are featured on a bookmark.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are featured on a bookmark created by Tony Santiago at NYCC 2022.

Every reader needs a good bookmark, and what could be better than a bookmark featuring the iconic golden trio – Harry, Ron and Hermione? Tony Santiago presented this beautiful bookmark on his stand at the show. It’s a must for every Potter fan who loves to re-read books!

Dumbledore and Fawkes artwork from Pesceffects

Dumbledore and Fawkes are featured in a colorful print by Pesceffects.

Dumbledore and Fawkes are featured in a colorful artwork by Pesceffects on display at NYCC 2022.

Quite the eye-catcher on the living room floor, this colorful piece of art stands out from the traditional Harry Potter designs with its striking design. The artwork, created by Pesceffects, features Albus Dumbledore and his faithful companion, Fawkes. The artists’ creations are available in metal and paper prints.

Potter Sparkle Designs Art Prints

Sparks design "Harry Potter" quote art prints

Sparkle Designs presented several “Harry Potter” themed artworks at NYCC 2022.

The Sparkle Designs booth at the show was full of adorable merchandise for all Wizarding World fans. Two art prints featured some of the series’ best wisdom, including “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” and “When in doubt, go at the library”. How cute!

Wizarding World Art Prints by Jen Taylor

Hedwig print presented at NYCC.

A Hedwig print created by Jen Taylor was featured at the NYCC.

Hedwig has never looked better than in this art print by Jen Taylor! This adorable print was one of many wizarding world-themed pieces featured at the exhibit in Artist Alley. Taylor also offers designs inspired by The Monster Book of MonstersHogwarts castle and luggage from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express.

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