NFT display concept lets you show off your other riches alongside expensive digital art


NFTs are meant to be presented as the overpriced works of art that they are, so this concept tries to do that in a way that’s also useful, even if you don’t have an NFT in your name.

NFTs, short for nearly indecipherable “non-fungible tokens,” are currently controversial within the art and creative communities. These debates aside, these digital artifacts have always been envisioned to create an experience similar to owning an exclusive work of art. That, of course, means it comes with a kind of bragging rights that goes beyond just saying you have an NFT. You also need to display it, and what better way to do that than by putting it on a pedestal with your other signs of wealth or wealth, like jewelry, watches, and even rare toys.

Designers: Seo JiwonJuwon Kim, Hannah Kim, Anna Kim

At its most basic, an NFT is proof of ownership of an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, or limited-edition digital artifact, which often means a piece of digital art or a virtual equivalent of a physical object. This makes NFTs more suitable for display in a way that other people can see as evidence and boast of ownership. There have been a few concepts created over the past few years for how NFTs should be displayed, ranging from futuristic holographic cubes to wall panels mimicking framed physical art.

The Meta’O concept sits somewhere in between, envisioning something that’s both obviously technological but can also be right at home in the living room, much like a smart speaker today. It actually comes in two independent parts, both made from unpainted recycled materials. This gives the object a unique visual identity while providing a sense of relief that there will be no paint peeling off over time.

The part that actually displays an NFT is a circular screen that rests on a magnetic ball. Alone, it can safely sit on a flat surface without rolling. Tucked inside the tray, however, the balloon allows the owner to position the screen at any angle while also being wirelessly charged.

This tray is imagined to be a place for further evidence of your social status. Your NFT can be displayed next to your gold-plated watch and bracelets, or the entire tray can be filled with other trinkets on top. This dual purpose design would allow the owner to save space or display trays and have more money to spend on buying more NFTs.

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