Notorious Essex haunted house inviting guests for Halloween



A very unusual place – Talliston House – invites people to stay in its notorious haunted room, if they dare.

The Magical House and Gardens in Newton Green, Great Dunmow, has been transformed into a miniature palace and has to be seen to be believed.

The house has a maze of rooms, each occupying its own time and space, which changes your sense of time.

When the doors of the house creak open, you are instantly transported to other lands, to other times.

As you walk through the maze of the house, you will pass the Hall of Mirrors, the Haunted Chamber, the Chamber of Dreams… the list goes on.

Each room or garden has a rich history, its own smells and sounds and incorporates 1,821 objects from 27 different countries.

But this Halloween, everything will become much more sinister.

From October 20 to November 6, it will be “Day of the Dead” season in Talliston.

Those brave enough to check in can experience the candlelit, “dressed for death” house with a haunted stay where they will explore the darker side of the house.

Do you dare to stay in the haunted room where the ghost of a seven-year-old Edwardian child is said to roam? Her books, toys and ephemera are still there.

But is it really haunted, like really?

“People ask me all the time if the house is haunted,” said John Tarrow, the owner of the house.

“Well, it really depends on whether you believe in ghosts. Or whether antique furniture and objects can bring with them the spirit of the Scottish homes they come from.

“All I know is that when you enter the Edwardian bedroom, the room has a ghostly presence that far exceeds your imagination.”

Bookings start at £145 per night. Book via

If you don’t feel like spending the night at home, you can venture on a Halloween tour on Sunday October 29 where you’ll soak up the spookiest side of Talliston and enjoy dinner and drinks. Tickets are £54 at

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