Our House: Fans Left Seriously Divided by Drama’s Finale



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Our house to TVI entertained viewers for the past four nights, and the final episode provided even more drama on Thursday night. But it seems like the ending left a lot of viewers at home divided over how the story ended.

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The miniseries told the story of Fi and Bram, played by Tuppence Middleton and Martin Compston respectively, as husband and wife battling the complexities of divorce, when suddenly Fi comes home to find that her house has been sold under it. But the finale failed to impress some fans. Warning! Spoilers ahead…

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Taking to social media, some were left with more questions after the final. One person wrote: “#OurHouse on #ITV. Disappointing ending but the worst part is I don’t understand how the scammers latch onto the victims. Huge plot or did I miss something?”

Another added: ‘I want to know why none of the neighbors noticed a huge moving van on their road taking all the furniture and let’s face it they had a lot of it… Completely ridiculous.’

A third also noticed this plot hole, tweeting: “None of their neighbours/friends noticed or heard a moving van at night and Bram standing beside it. There’s always a curtain twitch #Our house.”

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The finale saw Fi uncover the truth behind selling her house

However, others were gripped throughout and took to social media to praise the show. “Well, I’m still in shock from the #OurHouse finale,” one viewer said.

“What a story! I’m glad it didn’t end with the fairy tale ending, but my word for it, poor Bram; I thought he was putting it all together, but he screwed it up anyway. Performances so powerful words from @martin_compston @Tuppence, thank you.”

Another fan wrote, “#OurHouse well done, a brilliant gripping drama, unhappy with the ending for the sake of the boys. Lots of twists.”

Thursday night’s episode saw the story come to an end as Fi began to learn the truth about what happened to her husband and their family home. She soon discovered that her new boyfriend, Toby, real name Mike (Rupert Penry-Jones), was behind the ordeal as he blackmailed Bram after his car crash which saw a young girl die tragically.

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Bram, played by Martin Compston, had a sad end

Beginning to put the pieces together, Fi decides to text Mike from Bram’s phone and asks to meet him. Mike arrives at the apartment and while the devastated mother berates him for trying to ruin her life by blackmailing her husband, she secretly mixes her wine with sleeping pills and antidepressants.

After realizing Mike is dead, Fi contacts her friend Merle who tries to help her cover up the crime. But then it turned out that Bram had taped a confession and a suicide note, admitting to the car accident and saying his wife had nothing to do with Mike’s death. This, however, means that his lie to the police has come to light.

As a devastated Fi listens to the harrowing recording, clips of Bram wading in a river play. It is revealed that Bram had traveled to Switzerland to end his life and drowned in a river after recording his confession.

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