People buy MacBook Pro Touch Bar without a display because it offers better value and more versatility than Mac mini



Some people skip buying a Mac mini in favor of something more versatile and feature-rich than a miniature desktop computer while plugging it into an external monitor. This product is a MacBook Pro, but without the display, and while the idea might sound absurd, it’s a brilliant tactic for customers to save money.

MacBook Pro gets a Touch Bar, large trackpad and keyboard, which aren’t available with a Mac mini purchase

Foregoing buying a Mac mini just to get yourself a screenless MacBook Pro is a nonsensical undertaking, but the evidence provided by DuanRui shows that this option is more than viable. For example, a displayless MacBook Pro with USB-C Thunderbolt ports can be easily connected to an external monitor using certain dongles, and it may provide more functionality than a Mac mini. The large touchpad can be used to scroll up and down or navigate when you don’t have a mouse in your possession.

Mac Studio renders appear ahead of March 8 event featuring a hybrid Mac mini and Mac Pro

The MacBook Pro keyboard also prevents you from buying a keyboard separately, but that will be your prerogative. The Touch Bar is also a plus, although not many people should take advantage of it, which is why Apple got rid of it from the 2021 MacBook Pro models. If you don’t have a Mac mini, but somehow on the other hand, portable Mac display has stopped working, you can get it working with the images shown here.

Also, for a small percentage of people who think they don’t need the MacBook Pro screen anymore, just because they want that extra screen that can be had with an external monitor, they can take the panel apart. , although it will be a delicate process. , but when it’s done, that part can be sold in various markets. The Twitter feed also reveals that several screenless MacBook Pro units are being sold at reasonable prices, making them better value than a Mac mini.

So what about? Would you skip buying a Mac mini to use a MacBook Pro as a desktop replacement? Tell us in the comments.

News source: Duan Rui

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