Persian miniature art on display in Shanghai



An exhibition is underway at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum to unveil the beauty of the Persian art of miniature paintings that dates back thousands of years.

“Persian Treasures – Persian Miniature Exhibition”, which is co-organized by the Museum and the Iran Bordbar Collection and supported by the Iranian Consulate General in Shanghai, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Iran.

The exhibition features exquisite works of Persian miniature painting, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, from the National Museums of Iran, first revealing this mysterious art to the Chinese public.

As an artistic genre painted with a very fine and small brush, Persian miniatures originated in the 3rd century AD. Their original purpose was simply to illustrate, and later miniatures were also used as decorations on boxes, jewelry, or mirrors.

The exhibition is divided into four sections: Royal Insight, Book of Kings, Dynamic Folklore and Melody of Poetry.

One of the highlights is “Lovers” created by Afzal Al-Husseini. The work presents a striking composition in which the accent, in bright colors, falls on two lovers under a decorative background surrounded by golden foliage.

“Lovers” created by Afzal Al-Husseini

Persian miniature art on display in Shanghai

“The young man who reads” by Reza Abbasi

Exhibition information:

Dates: Until February 27 (closed Mondays), 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission fee

Location: Shanghai Art Collection Museum

Address: 1731 Yan’an Rd W.

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