Present Life scrolls on a small screen and hides behind the rotating dial


Watches give us an idea of ​​time and perhaps the realization that life is flowing. Over time, the accessory has become the most sought-after collector’s item – sometimes even over several generations. The essential initial of timekeeping began as a simple complication with hour, minute and second hands.

Over time, however, the simple watch has taken many forms with elaborate sports complications (such as the Jacob & Co Astronmia Tourbillon series), artistic complications (take for example the Hublot Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami), or hybrid watches (example of the Tag Heuer Connected range) which is a mix of analog watch and other smart features.

Creator: Hyun Jun Yu

Another option is a full-fledged smartwatch that looks like your mini gadget to track all notifications through the elaborate display. However, if you want to go back to basics and even ignore the passage of time, the Present Life watch is for you.

The watch is designed for a niche set of the market that appreciates simplicity. The watch has a rotating dial that closes the small open space that displays the current time. Yes, this watch has a fully enclosed dial with a small section displaying the hour display. Each hour counts down with the minutes displayed in 10-minute intervals. Time is referenced by 12 indexes – depicted in Roman numerals representing the hours, while a one-minute track in between indicates 10 minutes of phasing time.

The Present Life’s stainless steel construction paired with the plain rubber or textured fabric strap helps it live up to its minimalist claim. According to the designer, the essence of the watch is to give the present life of the wearer. Once the overlay case encloses the display area of ​​the watch, the user can concentrate on the task at hand without being stressed by time constraints. Just like the front, the back with the solid bottom follows the theme of minimal design and function.

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