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Rocks painted by Rick Johnston will be on display in the MOarts Gallery showcase at the Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library until August 31.

Visitors can admire miniature works of art painted on river rocks by Rick Johnston. Each stone is unique. Some are whimsical, and some are more serious. Each is carefully painted by the artist, who makes them for the Bedford VA Rocks Facebook page.

Once a boulder is complete, it is hidden somewhere, often in Bedford County, but sometimes in other counties, states, or even countries. The discoverer of the rock is then asked to post where they found the rock and a photo of it on the Bedford VA Rocks Facebook page. The rock can then be hidden again in a place chosen by the discoverer.

Some rocks travel great distances. A recent Facebook page post showed a Bedford Rock found in Waverly, Iowa. Yet another article mentioned finding one in St. John in the US Virgin Islands. So you never know where or when you’ll find a rock masterpiece.

These non-hidden rocks can be viewed during regular library hours. The Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library is a branch of the Bedford Public Library System and is located at 13641 Moneta Rd., Moneta. Call 540-425-7004 for hours and directions.

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