Slik creates a miniature world for Qantas Health Insurance


Slik has launched a new campaign for Qantas Health Insurance with stop motion thumbnails.

The campaign includes the miniatures waiting at a baggage carousel, using an EFTPOS terminal and climbing up a timeline.

Excerpt from Slik’s latest campaign for Qantas health insurance

The campaign kicked off with a 30-second spot for video on demand and YouTube pre-roll placements.


The spot also notes the benefits of Qantas health insurance, including waived waiting periods and Qantas point rewards.

Slik worked with Photoplay Films x Playtime on the campaign. Over 140 thumbnails and 1400 images were used in the stop motion project.

Alex Schneider, Creative Director at Slik, said: “Our approach to this campaign has taken the Qantas brand in a new and exciting direction, and we are truly delighted with the outcome. This sets a new tone for the insurance portfolio.

The campaign has been rolled out on VOD, YouTube, social media, radio, print and digital signage.

Qantas health insurance is backed by NIB.

Slik’s other recent work includes a campaign for the UFC.


Client: Qantas Health Insurance

Jacqueline Barham: Marketing, Insurance & Currency Manager

Jasmine Shillington: Senior Director of Marketing, Qantas Insurance

Cabrini Broderick: Marketing Manager, Qantas Insurance

Creative agency: SLIK

Alex Schieder: Creative Director

Sophia East: Creative Writer

Francesco Piazzoni: production manager

Kiah Carter: Digital Producer

Designer: Eva Harbridge

Head of animation: Sam Grant

Production company: Photoplay Films x Playtime

Director: DROPBEAR

Executive producer: Oliver Lawrance

Producer: Tom Slater

Producer: Brendan Lee

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