Small Talks Society artists present miniature projects at WNAC | Local



Widmaier added, “We’ve all kind of worked on each other. Someone would do something and we’d be like, “Oh, that’s pretty cool. Then we would do something else that was similar.

The group currently has eight active members, including Garrelts, Vice President Margaret Chase, Secretary Judi Widmaier, Barb Goldman, Jackie Holthus, Sandra Strey, Georgie Weimer and Sheri Peters.

The group is not as active as it used to be, and at one point only two of the members were still affiliated with the National American Miniatures Enthusiasts group. They still liked to get together every now and then to work on a new project and catch up, which resulted in the name change to Small Talks Society.

“Georgie (Weimer) was the one that said, ‘I have a name for our club,’ and her daughter said, ‘Well, you sit down and have a chat. It’s a chatter company. Widmaier explained. “So now we are the Small Talks Society.”

The ladies in the group liked to put their creativity to work and come up with different settings to build and find ways to use small objects to recreate them. They would build 3-inch plywood house structures, cardboard frills for the roof, lima beans for the pavers, extra cardboard and fabric for the furniture, and old jewelry for the decorative accents.

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