Spectacular collection of 40 artist-created environments on display in Sheboygan Art Reserve




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September 28, 2021

Grace Ebert

Emery Blagdon’s “The Healing Machine” at the art reserve. Photo by Rich Maciejewski, courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. All images shared with permission

On the edge of the town of Sheboygan in northeastern Wisconsin is a new museum tucked into the hillside. Opened earlier this year, the Art reserve of John Michael Kohler Arts Center houses 40 environments created by artists, or “spaces and places that have been significantly transformed by an artist to embody and express aspects of his history, place and culture, ideas and imagination”. The first of its kind, the spectacular and immersive space is an ode to artists and their intellectual and creative trajectories, presenting an impressive array of installations, sculptures, paintings and a myriad of works across mediums.

Going from that of Emery Blagdon suspended kinetic assemblies made of tin, Christmas lights and other items found at Nek Chand’s troop of over 150 mosaic figures, the works are eclectic in terms of discipline, scale and aesthetics. Each of the environments consists of thousands of objects, structural components and ephemera that form a holistic and comprehensive view of the artist’s life and work. Around the circular path winding through Ray Yoshida’s reconstructed apartment in Chicago, for example, are ritual masks from New Guinea, printed works, pop culture pieces from Maxwell Street Market, notes and letters, offering an intimate glimpse into his diverse collection and personal connections.

In addition to the environments, the 56,000 square foot space also houses 11 commissioned responses that included stand-alone works and projects literally integrated into the structure of the reserve. The Denver-based architecture studio Very Birds designed the building, although the staircase was completed in conjunction with the late Ruth DeYoung Kohler II and uses concrete pavers protruding from the walls to display a series of “tramp symbols, ”Or emblems that travelers have historically used to designate safety. Kohler designed the Art Preserve while she was director of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, where she championed local and international artists and was dedicated to protecting their works and heritage.

To concern the video below for a tour of the vast space and delve into the comprehensive collection, which includes pieces from sites in Wisconsin, New York, Mississippi, India and other global locations, on his location.

“Beautiful Holy Jewel Home” by Loy Bowlin in McComb, Mississippi

Installation view of Nek Chand’s works at the Art Preserve (2021). Photo courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Loy Bowlin’s “Beautiful Holy Jewel Home” is flanked by an installation of paintings by Gregory Van Maanen at the Art Preserve. Photo by Rich Maciejewski, courtesy of John Michael Kohler Arts Center

View of the installation of Jesse Howard’s works at the Art Preserve. Photo by Rich Maciejewski, courtesy of John Michael Kohler Arts Center

View of the installation of works by Ernest Hüpeden, Carl Peterson, Fred Smith and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein at the Art Preserve, 2021. In the foreground is “Untitled” by Fred Smith, concrete, glass, paint and wood , 78 x 41 3/4 x 41 inches. Courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center

#immersive #installation #museums #painting #sculpture

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