Stand out from your neighbors and be THAT house this Halloween



If you’re a childless adult who loves Halloween, then I bet you love to go all out and make the holiday fun and memorable for the kids in your neighborhood. Or maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, if you’re looking to stand out from your neighbors this year and become THAT house where all the kids want to stop each year, I have some advice. Whether it’s through decorations, candies or a fun experience, there are many ways to really stand out.

Growing up, one of the most memorable houses in my neighborhood where all the kids wanted to go, made a miniature haunted house in their garage. They would put up curtains to create separate sections of the “haunted house” and you would walk from space to space, seeing spooky props and the occasional jump. When you exit at the end, there would be someone dressed in a crazy costume, handing out candy to every kid who made it through the lair.

Another truly memorable house was one that was so well decorated you could hardly recognize it. The family sat by the front door with a large bucket of candy, but you had to walk up their driveway through realistic backdrops, smoke machines and spooky lights before getting to their incredibly well-decorated porch.

The final way to stand out, and the least time-consuming option, is to hand out really good treats. Whether you’re giving away full-size candy bars or gift bags with small toys and trinkets, giving away something other than the typical fun-sized candies is a great way to set yourself apart.

Even if you’re not doing anything extravagant this Halloween, I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy seeing all the kids walking around in their adorable costumes.

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