Storms Can’t Stop This Houston House Museum Party – Rienzi Does Its Spring Business


What: Rienzi Spring Festival

Or: Rienzi, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s home museum for European decorative arts

PC time: Unsettled Houston weather threw organizers a curveball as the designated night for the outdoor event was a wash. Not to be discouraged, the crew swore the show should go on, and they did so the following evening, even though it conflicted with some guests’ plans. Nonetheless, the turnout approached 150 and raised $133,000 for Rienzi’s operating budget.

It was truly a Masterson family affair as the house museum is the former residence of Carroll Sterling Masterson and Harris Masterson III, who were known for their collections of European paintings, furniture, china, silver and miniatures. The event was chaired by members of the Mariquita Masterson family – Katherine and George Masterson, Kathy and Harry Masterson, Libbie Masterson and Mark Sullivan, Tiffany and Charles Masterson, and wylie and Stewart Masterson Jr. The Mastersons’ late father, Stewart Masterson, was a relative of Harris Masterson III.

Van Cleef & Arpels was a major player in the evening as corporate underwriter, providing a harpist to greet guests and showcasing their jewelry on lithe models that paraded in the stunning setting of the poolside dinner party. .

The Mariquita Masterson family at the Rienzi Spring Party (Photo by Wilson Parish)

Swift + Company’s decor was inspired by the Casa de los Azulejos or House of Tiles, an 18th-century Baroque palace in Mexico City, a city where Carroll Sterling Masterson spent many years in the 1940s and whose influence continues in the Mexican room of Rienzi. . Think cobalt blue and white linens in a rococo pattern, splashes of flowers in green and white, hanging lanterns and bistro lights.

Swift + Company also provided the Mexican-inspired buffet dinner featuring chicken verde street tacos, fresh market corn salad, soufflé with sliced ​​baguette, heirloom tomato and avocado salad, and sandwiches. with guava-glazed pork tenderloin.

PC Viewed: Island and Tommy Reckling, Mariquita Masterson, Rosslyn and Marshall CrawfordCarroll Goodman and John Wessels, Kathy and Marty Goossen, Celina Hellmund, Whitney Crane, Gillian Sarofim, Carmen and John Knapp, Nancy Littlejohn, Christina McConn, Cabrina and Steven Owsley, Nancy Littlejohn, Libba and Geer Blalock, Jane DiPaolo, and Kelly and Jim Higgason.

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