Taking a scalpel in pencil, a resident of Qatar sculpts a miniature world


Doha: The Thumb, or the giant thumb sculpture in Souq Waqif, is a popular public art work installed by the Qatar Museum. What would happen when that same larger-than-life work of art is sculpted on a graphite pencil. This is the idea that inspired Farhan Hameed, a sculptor artist residing in Doha, to recreate the same work of art. The result was another beautiful piece of miniature art atop a pencil!

Animated graphic designer from Kerala, India, Farhan in his spare time plays with his pencil and scalpel and creates miniature sculptures of popular buildings and other works of art, the most recent being Burj Doha.

Farhan also received compliments from contemporary Qatari artist Ahmed bin Majed Al Maadheed whose signature he sculpted and shared. Ahmed commented on the article on Insta, writing: “Amazing detail work. Thank you brother for your work.”

Recalling his trip, the Najma resident says he has always been interested in all art forms and often ventured to his hometown for photography or was at home doing photography. calligraphy.

It was around this time that he saw the pencil prints of another local artist Afsal on Instagram.

Without any knowledge of pencil sculpture, he attempted to engrave “I Love My India” on a pencil. About a dozen pencils later, his sculpture was finished. “It was my first job and it was far from perfect, but then it was something I did with a lot of effort. I had no knowledge of sculpting tools and pencil lead. broke easily. It took over three days for the part to be finished, “says Farhan. He tried a few more, then sent some of the snaps to Afsal who shared his knowledge of the tools used – scalpel for sharpening and needles for detailing and making holes.

He moved to Doha for work and that’s when he picked up the pencil sculpture and started sharing them on his Instagram page. People started to love his work and recognition came when his works were shared by some of Kerala’s film industry. “I carved the name of a movie ‘Thamaasha’ and it was part of the celebration for the 25th day of the film showing. That’s when my parents discovered my sculptures. They saw me playing with it. the pencil and do something, but they let me continue with what I liked, ”says the 27-year-old artist.

Of all the pencil engravings he has made in recent years, the heart lock is one of his favorites and one that has required a lot of testing. He said, “In a heart lock, you have to sculpt the pencil so that there are two hearts locked into each other. I have tried it a few times but it is recently that I have tried it. was able to successfully complete it. ”

The prints about social issues have garnered the most support on social media, with the most recent being named Eid With Aqsa – a pencil sculpture from the Al Aqsa Mosque. Prior to that, Azaadi’s sculpture on AAC problem in India was also highly regarded by his Instagram followers, as he said, “Social issues touch a wider audience and it is also a medium for us artists, to share our opinion. ”

Although all of his sculptures require a lot of patience, he would like to continue his work and bring many more sculptures to life. “There are quite a few beautiful structures in Doha. My dream is to sculpt them in miniature form and if possible to mount an exhibition a little later, ”he concludes.

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