Ten exciting miniature art installations invite guests to experience tiny street scenes; Coming soon to Derby St stores!


Miniature art installation AnonyMouse in the Boston Seaport; Photo courtesy of WS Development

June 22, 2022 Submitted by Jill Segal and Chris Langley

WHO: AnonyMouse, a world-renowned artist collective from Malmö, Sweden that describes itself as “a loosely connected network of mice and men” has collaborated with Massachusetts-based developer WS Development and five of its popular neighborhoods in Greater Boston: Boston Seaport, Legacy Place, MarketStreet Lynnfield, Derby Street Shops and The Street Chestnut Hill.

AnonyMouse has been secretly building storybook-inspired street art since 2016 and has received huge accolades for its work, including TIME magazine, who said, “These tiny mouse shops on real streets will blow your mind. Through the work of Anonymouse, they hope to bring a bit of everyday magic to passers-by.

WHAT: Bostonians can search for ten small street scenes in WS properties (two in each of the five properties). Miniature vignettes in the storefront are tucked away in unexpected places at curb level and feature incredible detail, all done in mouse-sized scale. From a “Mouseum” in Seaport to the most adorable fire station in The Street Chestnut Hill, it’s impossible not to be charmed by these little pop-ups, the first installations in North America for AnonyMouse.

WHERE: In keeping with the artists’ preferences to maintain the element of surprise and discovery, the exact location of each exhibit has not been disclosed. To catch a glimpse of these whimsical displays while they last, visit:

Boston Seaport (100 Seaport Blvd., Boston, MA)
Heritage Place (680 Heritage Place Dedham, MA)
Market Street Lynnfield (600 Market Street, Lynnfield, MA)
Derby Street Shops (98 Derby Street, Hingham, MA)
Chestnut Hill Street (33 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, MA)

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