That’s what makes Waffle House waffles so delicious



What makes a waffle different from an ordinary plancha cake? The grooves. Row after row, these grilled pockets rock optimal amounts of syrup and butter, making every bite a sensory delight. Compared to the fluffy squares found in Belgian waffles, however, Waffle Houses are significantly smaller. It sounds like a bad thing, but on the contrary, it only makes them better for smothering in gallons of our favorite liquefied toppings.

The particular composition of Waffle House is completely in line with trends in American cuisine. Unlike the European version, American waffles tend to be large in shape and fluffier, with miniature iron marks. In other words, they’re the complete opposite of the generously portioned grids of the ever-popular Belgian waffle.

In 2014, Waffle House announced on Twitter the superiority of the American-style waffle in the run-up to competition with Belgium in the American World Cup. Naturally, this started a kerfuffle, and a statement from spokesman Patrick Warner afterwards drew clear distinctions between the two countries’ offers. One of the differences discussed? The heating plate marks. “We serve American waffles. Belgian waffles are square. Ours are round. Belgian waffles have larger racks. Ours are smaller, which is better for dispensing syrup” (per The Atlantic).

Wherever you find yourself in the great waffle division, there’s something to be said for the greatness that is the mainstay of American style. And honestly, no restaurant does it better than Waffle House.

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