The Best House Of The Dragon Season 1 Fight Scenes, Ranked



The “House of the Dragon” Season 1 finale finally gives us a taste of what’s been heralded all along: dragon-vs-dragon action. (No, not the kind of mating – that would be quite different kind of spectacle, though given how sexualized Westeros can be, always a possibility.) In this case, we’re talking about dragon fighting.

Once Aegon is declared king, usurping the throne of Rhaenyra, civil war seems inevitable. The queens on both sides are models of restraint, but they continually clash with their advisers – most of whom have sabers in their hands. As Daemon (Matt Smith) points out, dragons make all the difference. “Dragonstone has 13 to 4,” he says, saying it’s a numbers game and they have a clear advantage. However, not all dragons are created equal, especially not when Vhagar is the size of 3 of Rhaenyra’s dragons.

To reaffirm commitments made to her decades ago, Rhaenyra sends her eldest sons to supposed allies in the realm. Lucerys flies to Storm’s End to see Lord Baratheon. However, Aemond gets there first. He casually calls Lucerys a bastard, asks for his eye, and chases after him on dragonback. Arrax edges Vhagar with a flurry of fire – against Lucerys’ wishes. Vhagar ignores Aemond’s attempts to calm the situation. Vhagar bites Arrax in half, killing Lucerys. At least Aemond has the decency to look shocked. But it could be his realization that he started a medieval nuclear war.

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