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SINGAPORE – When the owners bought this individual land property in Bukit Timah a few years ago, their cost analysis showed that it made more sense to demolish the old house and build a new one.

Even if the existing house was still in fair condition, starting from scratch would allow the young family to build a house that suited their lifestyle and needs.

Having moved from a three-bedroom condominium, the owners were adamant that their new 7,503-square-foot home didn’t just look like a bigger apartment.

“I didn’t want spaces that were too big. Instead, I wanted lots of smaller spaces that my family and I could gravitate to as we engaged in different activities over the course of a day,” the husband explains. .

He and his wife, who refused to reveal their occupations, are almost 30 years old and have a five-year-old daughter.

They moved into the house in January 2020. The project took about 20 months – the house cost $ 3.9 million to build – and is a collaboration between Mr. Alan Tay of Formwerkz Architects, one of the founding partners of the company, and the new Super Assembly, whose main architect, Iskandar Idris, had previously worked at Formwerkz.

“It’s a house with many nooks and crannies. It can accommodate large family gatherings in different spaces and rooms,” says Iskandar.

Two perforated shells constitute the reference on multiple levels of division between which the spaces are organized. An outer envelope frames the exterior and an interior envelope surrounds a courtyard garden that runs the full height of the house.

Depending on where a person is standing and their angle of view, the openings may line up or realign. The space on the other side of the courtyard, for example, is obscured when the line of sight changes, allowing the visitor to discover new perspectives as they walk through the spaces.

It’s hard to say exactly how many floors the house has, due to the divided levels that give it a maze-like effect. Due to the hilly topography, access to the basement garage is at street level. An external staircase on the side of the garage leads directly to the pool terrace and the entrance leading to the living room.

The garage door opens onto an entrance hall in the basement. From here a straight staircase leads further down to the basement, where there is an entertainment room and a multi-purpose relaxation area.

The entertainment room (left) and a multipurpose relaxation area (right). PHOTO: TAN WEI TEE & VEE CHIN WITH ARTISTIC DIRECTOR BY NONIE CHEN & KRISTY QUAH

A few steps from the basement foyer is a musical space overlooking the space below. A spectacular spiral staircase leads from this area to the ground floor. Its elevation above the road gives this level a sense of privacy, especially when looking at the pool terrace adjacent to the living room. A few steps from the living room is the dining room and the wet and dry kitchens at the rear of the house.

A spectacular spiral staircase leads from this area to the ground floor. PHOTO: TAN WEI TEE & VEE CHIN WITH ARTISTIC DIRECTOR BY NONIE CHEN & KRISTY QUAH

Tucked away in a nook next to the dining room is a miniature house-inspired playroom – complete with a secret reading loft and slide.

Then, going up and around the central courtyard, other spaces and views are revealed: an office here, a family room and a guest room there, a glimpse of the girl’s room on the other side of the room. courtyard and, finally, the parental suite at the top.

The space experience allows people to “slow down and appreciate the spaces they pass through,” says Iskandar.

Windows around the central courtyard, which provides a focal point that helps orientation. PHOTO: TAN WEI TEE & VEE CHIN WITH ARTISTIC DIRECTOR BY NONIE CHEN & KRISTY QUAH
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