The Intriguing and the Tiny Exposed in New ABC Show



Tiny Oz, a new show broadcast by ABC, celebrates the recreation in miniature of extraordinary moments in Australian history.

Hosted by comedian Jimmy Rees and miniature artist JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick, the show will feature a number of artisans obsessed with the smallest details.

“In 2002, I won the 9th grade ceramics prize. Amazing, I know,” Rees says.

“Fast forward 20 years and I’m thrilled that audiences are watching Tiny Oz and seeing all the work that went into creating something you would easily walk on!”

Some of Australia’s most intriguing events that have almost faded from memory will be on display, including the pearling town of Broome in decades past, a hot air balloon launch over Adelaide and the hundreds of exotic animals that walked the streets of Sydney in 1916 en route to Taronga Zoo.

Airing today, the first episode sees hosts view a painting of Broome in the early 1900s, created by Lachlan Fraser. Depicting the town at the height of its pearling era, the model reflects the town’s rich history – its indigenous heritage, pearling industry and multicultural community – all in miniature form.

The second ep which will be released on May 3 reveals a miniature model of the flight of the first aeronauts in the sky of Adelaide. In the late 1800s, crowds gathered in the Botanical Gardens when a huge calico balloon inflated and lifted a number of cosmonauts into the sky. Suspended below the balloon, scantily clad trapeze artists twirled on a swing before falling back to earth using a parachute.

The episodes will air at 8:30 a.m. every Tuesday on ABCTV and will also be available through ABC iView. Tiny Oz was produced by Northern Pictures in association with the ABC.

Images: ABC

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