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09:23 October 4, 2022

On the turntable to answer our On The Record questions this month is Victoria Cushing, of The Pumpkin House in Thursford.

1. What is the first song you remember from your childhood?
My dad loved The Carpenters, so I remember listening to “Top of the World” on tape in the car.

2. What is the first record you bought?
Kinda awkward, I think it was a Shakin’ Stevens record.

3. What have you listened to most recently?
I’ve been feeling extremely nostalgic lately, so I’ve gone back to the 90s and rediscovered classic pop hits that I had completely forgotten about!

4. What was the first concert you went to?
It was Shakin’ Stevens in Brighton near where I grew up.

5. What’s the best artist or band you’ve ever seen?
Quite unexpectedly, it was Take That. I ended up seeing them as adults rather than when they were famous the first time and they were just awesome. Although Robbie was no longer in the band, I had forgotten how many great songs they had and Gary Barlow was just amazing.

6. Do you have a favorite singer?

Elton John – who I recently saw in Carrow Road and loved too.

7. What kind of music do you like the most?
It’s a tough decision between classic pop music but I also like a good country song.

8. What is your most precious album?
It’s Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers that reminds me of traveling when I was much younger!

9. What instruments do you play?
Tragically not one – I started piano, clarinet and flute when I was little but it turns out I’m not good at music!

10. If you had to choose only one, what would be the favorite song of your life?
Britney Spears – Hit me baby one more time. I love Britney!

11. And what song would you turn off if it was on the radio?
I can’t get along with a Queen song. I know it’s a classic but I’ll turn off Bohemian Rhapsody.

12. Finally, how important is music to you?
I wouldn’t say I’m a music lover but in fact I love music as the backdrop of my life!

House in Thursford in 2021.” class=”” loading=”lazy” title=””/>

Owners Victoria and Henry Cushing at The Pumpkin House in Thursford in 2021.
– Credit: Denise Bradley/Archant

Lots of pumpkins
The Pumpkin House, at Brookhill Farm, Fakenham Road, Thursford, is open 15-16 October and 22-30 October, 10am-4pm.
The wooden house is decorated with over 1,000 pumpkins.
Visitors can park nearby and see the Pumpkin Totem Poles, Miniature and Large Pumpkin House, listen to the Musical Organ, and play on the Hay Bale Towers – all for free.
Standard jack o’ lantern pumpkins are available for purchase, along with a range of locally grown pumpkins, squash and squash.
There’s a new wooded trail and hay bale maze combined and a Halloween hut full of Halloween decorations, broomsticks and costumes.
Visitors can enjoy a slice of locally made pumpkin cake or a cup of pumpkin soup. On some days makeup will also be available.
The Pumpkin House is holding its first autumn fair alongside Brew Norfolk and Friends, who have selected a select group of local makers, on October 22-23.
Pumpkins range in size and shape from Mini to Emperor and each pumpkin purchased includes a leaflet on how to cook, carve and grow your own.
The farm grows traditional pumpkins as well as specialty varieties.
The Pumpkin House in Thursford is a pop-up shop and pumpkin patch on the A148 between Holt and Fakenham (NR21 0BD). Admission and parking are free. Pumpkins are priced according to their size.
To find out more visit: and check social media for updates.

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