The TinyTV 2 is a watchable screen smaller than your little finger (probably)



You may be wondering if the TinyTV 2 is made for ants. It’s possible. This 216 x 135 “television” measures just over 2.5 cm. It’s probably the smallest video player you’ve ever seen, being smaller than most little fingers.

At the top of the TinyTV2 is a power button, which turns on the IPS screen. On the lower part of the screen is a rotary knob for the volume. Opposite is a button that changes channels, with the power button in between. An IR receiver facilitates remote control. Yes, the remote is small too. And if you have poor eyesight, you might appreciate the front-facing speaker more than the tiny screen.

Image: Tiny Circuits

It might be small, but it feels a bit more advanced than some TVs. On its back is 8GB of storage to record over ten hours of video. It runs on a lithium-polymer battery that lasts for over two hours. On the back is a USB-C connector for charging and uploading videos.

If you think the Tiny2 is small, wait until you see the Tiny Mini. It has a 64×64 1.5cm OLED display and a battery that will last an hour.

Both televisions are available on Starter for $50 (around R870).

Image: Tiny Circuits

The TinyTV2 is an upgrade from its predecessor, the original Tiny TV, in terms of picture and sound quality. But that’s not his only skill. Like we said, it’s a bit more advanced than some regular TVs. Using a free app, users can connect it to their computer via USB-C. Why would you do that? For fun maybe?

“This will mirror what’s on your computer screen directly to your TinyTV!” says Kickstarter.

Miniature TVs are available in several different colors or in a clear plastic shell. Besides fitting in small pockets or freaking others out while waiting in line, you can give your kids one to keep them occupied. Provided they are old enough not to swallow it. Unfortunately, we don’t know how old you have to be to avoid making this mistake. This Kickstarter project is very small, after all.

Source: Kickstarter, The edge

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