The world’s largest bouncy house is coming to central Ohio



As of this writing, we are less than a week away from March 1, what meteorologists recognize as the first day of “weather spring.” I like the way they do it; it’s so much easier than wondering if it’s going to be the 21st or the 22nd…

So let’s think about spring getaways. With the imminent dawn of March, spring break is not so far away. And if you’re looking for a getaway that won’t break the bank, maybe a destination nearby — or RELATIVELY nearby, anyway — is the way to go. Maybe, Columbus, Ohio for example.

Yes, I hear you. “Columbus, Ohio?!?” But bear with me.


This spring, the state capital of Buckeye is hosting something your kids will enjoy so much you might have a hard time getting them out of what’s being called the “world’s biggest bouncy house” – Big Bounce America.

Sounds like a BLAST, and if you’re wondering why I only mentioned KIDS enjoying Big Bounce America, well, you’re right. I’ve climbed on/in bouncy houses before, and if they take me in, they take ANYBODY. And Big Bounce America DOES adult-only appearances.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy bouncing around with your kids when Big Bounce America comes to Columbus in the spring. Although no date has been announced, you still have plenty of time to make plans.


Big Bounce America stops all over the country. I remember those “space pillows” – that’s what they were called, anyway – showing up at carnivals when I was a kid. No adults were allowed in these. And they had one big flaw; if they were not sufficiently ventilated, a large “ravine” would form in the middle, which would make it difficult for small children to get out. Big Bounce America will have NONE of that.

Yeah, it’s known as “the biggest bounce house in the world”, but it looks more like a bounce CITY than a bounce house.

Either way, it’s bouncing around central Ohio this spring and it’s a long drive for any Kentuckian or Hoosier looking for a quick but fun vacation destination.

[SOURCE: WLWT-Cincinnati]

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