This $150,000 Miniature Japanese Palace Is Perhaps The World’s Most Exclusive Niche


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This $150,000 Miniature Japanese Palace Is Perhaps The World’s Most Exclusive Doghouse

(Web Desk) – The “Inuden” (Dog Den), a $150,000 architectural marvel built exclusively by hand by a Japanese palace carpenter, is probably the ultimate doghouse that money can buy.

Cultural Property Structural Plan Co., Ltd. is an Osaka-based company that specializes in the preservation and repair of cultural property buildings and earthquake-resistant reinforcement design. It employs experts in traditional architecture who use centuries-old techniques of building shrines and temples. Recently, the Japanese company announced a new project, codenamed “Inuden”, which consists of building an exclusive niche from high quality natural materials, using the same traditional techniques used on Japanese shrines, temples and castles.

The Inuden Project aims to create and sell the ultimate niche using the beauty and technology of Japanese shrines and temples by experts in traditional architecture,” the company wrote in a press release. “The Inuden is made using authentic techniques by carpenters and sheet metal craftsmen involved in the construction of shrines and temples.”

Based on the Zenshu-sama style, one of many styles used in Japanese shrine and temple architecture, the Inuden is made of hand-carved Japanese cypress, has a beautiful curved roof covered with stretched copper plates and has a granite base.

In terms of amenities, well, there really aren’t any that will blow your mind. It’s just the minimalist style and the idea of ​​a team of restaurant experts that justifies the absurd price. $150,000 is more than most for a home, even in these troubled times, but it’s not the price that makes the Inuden so exclusive.

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