This haunted house contest is going to become your new favorite tradition


Halloween is the time for lots of spooky things, haunted houses being one of them!

We have many good memories of passing by this house on the block that did everything to “haunt” their building. From setting up lights and smashing perfectly carved pumpkins, to adding cobwebs or other spooky decorations, now is the time to show off your spooky creativity.

And what better way to show off than to organize a miniature haunted house contest? One family did just that, and one TikTok creator shows off everything they put together, which (bonus) all came from his local dollar store and looks absolutely amazing! We suggest combining this with something like this Halloween Advent event to really bring the whole family together!


So TikTok’s Sherry Kelly loves Halloween, but even better, she loves sharing Halloween with her whole family. And she’s decided that Christmas shouldn’t get all the love, but gingerbread houses are too “happy and joyful”, so why not try something similar, but with a spooky twist?

Thus was born the idea of ​​a haunted house contest! Crafts, including miniature dollhouses and display trays, were all salvaged from her local dollar store. There are also mini pumpkins, cobwebs and all the things anyone would need to really decorate a spooky mini house (not to mention paint and glitter, although Sherry already has them on hand !)

And the results are so cool! We can see the different aesthetic of each member of the family, and the sheer creativity here is awe-inspiring. And honestly, it’s a great way to get your kids involved, even the little ones! Combine that with a cool Halloween advent calendar type thing, and you’ve got your whole holiday planned!

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