This small house by the pond maximizes light and space


Tomas dittrich
As the architects explain:

“On the edge of a small South Bohemian village, in an area interspersed with famous South Bohemian ponds, a mini-house has developed, serving as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. [..] The glass facade is a key element of the whole house. The living space is elevated and thanks to the generous glazing, the owners can enjoy a magnificent view of the countryside close to the water.
Entering through a door in the side of the rectangular volume, one enters the entrance hall, where one can hang coats and store shoes.

Tomas Dittrich Tomas Dittrich

The addition of a long rectangular-shaped volume, which contains the bathroom and the sauna, helps to add additional space, as well as a certain dynamism to the external form.

The cottage’s simple, gabled shape is inspired by what designers identify as the locality’s “classic rural archetype”. Yet it also sports a clean and minimalist look, thanks to its white plaster exterior walls, which contrast sharply with its dark gray galvanized sheet roof.

Tomas dittrich
This leads to another door which opens onto the main living areas of the kitchen and living room, which are oriented towards this huge glazed facade overlooking the pond.

“Inside, load-bearing elements come into play. Steel I-beams are recognized and are complemented by a subtle steel staircase with wooden steps and other steel furniture. The whole is completed by wooden elements and accessories in neutral color. The main interior motif is the exterior landscape, which literally changes every minute and thus creates a unique atmosphere.
The living room is not too big, but beautifully bright, thanks to the glass patio door and generous windows, all guiding the gaze to a peaceful view of the pond.

Much of the interior is done in a way that echoes the minimalist envelope while enhancing natural light and giving the illusion of a larger space, explain the architects:

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