This upright piano has a built-in HD display screen for easy playing and learning.


The Mozart Console Piano is an upright digital piano with a built-in HD display screen for easy playing and learning.

If everyone could play the piano like Mozart, we would. One of the most sought-after skills to learn, playing the piano is no small feat. It takes practice, musical knowledge and a natural rhythm to pull off the melodies and chord progressions we hear on the radio.

Designate: Studio Hs2

That being said, learning to play the piano is well worth it if you want to advance your musical expertise. The Mozart Console Piano, an upright keyboard with an attached display, was designed by Hs2 Studio to merge the digital world with the classic piano for easy playing and learning.

The Mozart Console Piano merges the conveniences of technology with the artful craftsmanship of analog devices to turn the piano into a musical experience everyone can enjoy. The Mozart Console Piano appears like any other classic upright piano, except for its 32-inch HD touchscreen which is wedged right in the center of the piano.

The 32-inch HD display is versatile, offering both distance learning features for amateur players to follow along with and familiarize themselves with playing the piano. Just like a regular piano, the 32-inch display screen also functions as a digital songbook, presenting musical scores for pianists to follow.

As our world is immersed deeper and deeper in technology, our non-tech devices have been supplemented with digitized features for optimization. Trades and skills that might have seemed just beyond our reach, like learning a new language or reading 100 books in a year, have become easier to obtain thanks to technology. Innovations like audiobooks and Duolingo are testament to how technology is making everyday activities a little more accessible. The Mozart Console Piano aims to bring that same touch to the world of music.

An accompanying seat accompanies the upright piano.

The Mozart Console Piano’s digital display screen can display scores in real time.

The Mozart console piano maintains a simple silhouette and an all-black gloss finish.

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