Tradition and style Visual Display for Dorbolò


We are used to seeing very refined interior design in cafes, restaurants, hotels, gyms and clothing stores. Receiving customers and guests in a unique space with a strong visual impact is part of a conscientious communication strategy which aims to vibrate, a concept based on visual storytelling that the Udine Visual Display studio has been successfully applying for some time, as our readers know. From the restoration of “Il Vitello d’Oro”, the oldest restaurant in Udine, to Mr. Simon, a hidden speak-easy style bar, and Baita Piè Tofana in Cortina d’Ampezzo, to name but a few- one of their projects, the team offers designs that are always perfect for their context and create spaces with a unique and captivating atmosphere.
The latest new project from Giorgio di Bernardo and his team is Cividale of Friuli, a town of Lombard origin that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dorbolò family has a long tradition of manufacturing Gubana, a traditional local cake made of sweet leavened dough covered with a filling of dried fruits and nuts. Owners Jessica and Joelle Dorbolò asked Visual Display to create a very special point of sale, a valuable showcase for their creations in the historic center of Cividale del Friuli.
With their gray stone surfaces and shiny brass fittings, the designers offer a new, modern take on traditional Mittel-European patisserie, designed as a miniature theater set. The intriguing optical effect of the unusually shaped walls draws the attention of customers and passers-by to the back wall, dominated by the bar counter and the large brass logo. Among the hazelnut-coloured walls are display cases, storage spaces and cozy little niches furnished with small round tables whose intriguing L-shaped brass legs invite visitors to sit down to enjoy a slice of cake and a cup. of coffee.
The pastry shop offers other traditional sweets in addition to gubana, which is the unmissable attraction of the large central windows presenting the creations of the pastry shop in all their splendor, as well as the breads, displayed in a corner near the entrance. The minimalism of the space is toned down by a somewhat more lavish ceiling with vaulted substructures, which, with a little imagination, could look like the layers of a sliced ​​gubana cake. The interior design is complemented by custom designed brass and opal glass lamps.
Visual Display’s Dorbolò La Gubana shop is a bakery that goes far beyond the classic point of sale, because whether or not you come to taste the bakery products directly from the source, the shop offers much more than the joys From the palace. Its balanced and elegant interior design clearly distinguishes it from other bakeries while preserving the aura of tradition typically linked to the temples of the culinary art.

Christiane Burklein

Project: Visual display
Location: Cividale del Friuli, Italy
Year: 20221
Images: Camille Bach
Styling: Sara Bertolini

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