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(CBS4) – Ken Cook and Bill Thomas entered Aurora’s pound looking for the black box trailer that contained their years of work.

“It’s our trailer,” Bill said as he arrived. The side door had its latch torn off and the door could easily be opened.

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“It’s not the bad news, but it’s missing everything in between,” Bill said as he peeked inside.

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The caravan had made quite a trip. They had it packed with sections of the 40 x 16 foot train display they called the Slick-X line over two weeks ago. Around May 2, the trailer was stolen from an industrial storage yard in Watkins. A lock around the hitch was left behind. The men didn’t notice the trailer had been stolen until May 8, when Bill went to get it. They were going to bring the exhibit to Cheyenne for the Depot Days celebration at the city’s vintage train depot next weekend. They relied on them every year and a big draw with the big O scale display.

But the thieves who took him walked past the parking lot door and he headed towards Aurora.

“It was definitely a traffic hazard,” Dick Eason said.

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He called police when the trailer was parked on the road at the entrance to his Lake Shore neighborhood near Tower Road and Iliff Avenue on May 2. Police said they had no interest as it had not yet been reported stolen. But the trailer was parked about 3 feet from the curb and in the way. The police department notified the city parking agency, Park Aurora. An enforcement officer left a courtesy note there the next day. Then on May 5 and 6, Park Aurora left tickets. On Tuesday the 10th, Eason realized the trailer had been stolen when he saw a CBS4 report about the stolen trailer. But the night before, the caravan had been recovered.

“I don’t know if the same people who dropped it picked it up or if someone else stole it a second time.”

It was back.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said it was asking a company at the Watkins industrial site for video to see if a truck could be spotted towing it. But that wasn’t over yet on Thursday. There was disappointment as the group of about a dozen train enthusiasts awaited another report of the stolen trailer being reviewed. An Aurora police officer spotted the stolen trailer in the 2500 block of Carson Way on Thursday morning and had it towed to the impound lot.

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The display is divided into modules, like sections. And even if there is damage, they are intact.

“The modules are the important thing. Everything else can be replaced. This is great news,” Cook said.

But it still lacks controllers, various supplies, and miniature buildings, including a mining building, a “built from scratch” grain elevator, and a police station.

The Slick-X group had to cancel the Depot Days appearance, but believe that with hard work they can get the display ready and hope to be at an Estes Park appearance at the end of the summer.

“My first impression is that they didn’t know what they were getting,” Cook said.

There are no suspects.

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