Tried Next’s new skincare range and the £12 eye cream was better than expensive brands



I gave Next’s brand new vegan skincare, WOW , a trial run to see if it gave me the glowing, textureless face we all crave. I’ve never worn a lot of makeup, so I turn to skincare to give me that smooth, even complexion.

A few years ago, the makeup trend was to have an intense, unblended strip of highlighter on the high point of your cheekbones. A phrase thrown too often in my group of friends was: “If I don’t shine, I don’t go.

These days there has been a shift towards a more natural ‘inside glow’, capitalized by a subtle make-up brand More shiny loved by British winner Olivia Rodrigo, and Charlotte Tilbury with her best-selling and iconic Hollywood Flawless Filter . But the real goal is to find products to achieve that glow through skincare.

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Next’s new skincare line, called WOAH, promises all the right skincare buzzwords – vegan, hyaluronic acid, AHA, retinols, and was created by a lab and manufacturer of leading skin care products. The line consists of 16 products including cleansers, micellar water, toners, mists, serums, moisturizers, masks, SPF and eye cream and are color coded according to whether they refresh , restore, hydrate, brighten or calm, much like the higher end. care brand REN .

The line costs between £8 for micellar water and £44 for a three-step evening kit. The best thing about the range is that you have the option of purchasing tasting kits before committing to a full-sized product. I bought the £10 Mini Sachets Tasting Kit which allowed me to try 12 items.

Included in the WOAH Skincare Mini Sachet Tester Kit:

The WOAH skincare mini sachet tasting kit costs £10 for 12 tasters

Vitamin C Hydrating Gel


Restorative night cream

Recovery Night Serum

Vitamin C Serum

Hot Laundry Cleaner

Detoxifying Mask

Moisturizing Mask


The exfoliator that comes in a small sachet as part of the tasting kit
The exfoliator that comes in a small sachet as part of the tasting kit

Multivitamin eye cream

Refreshing Cleansing Gel

Lotion SPF 30

Each sachet was easily labeled as “Daily AM”, “Daily PM”, “Weekly PM” or a mix for the exfoliator and eye cream. They all carried a large amount of product and most pouches lasted me four days of daily use.

evening routine

The first product I used was the hot cloth cleanser which is similar to by Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It has an exfoliating cream consistency and mostly removed the makeup I was wearing. I generally try to avoid exfoliating cleansers as I have dry sensitive skin, and this was a bit harsh on me, but I can imagine this would be a good Liz Earle dupe for anyone with combination skin or greasy.

Then I used the exfoliating , which is infused with AHA, grapefruit extract and bamboo particles. Despite my sensitive skin, I am generally ok with AHA exfoliators and am a heavy user of RENs. Ready Steady Glow Toner which always leaves my skin super shiny.

This exfoliator was no different and my skin coated it, leaving it smooth and soft. The exfoliating pieces took a bit of scrubbing to completely wipe off, but it was worth it for the glow on my skin afterwards.

Then I used the Recovery Night Serum , included in the evening kit. I only needed a tiny amount and it sank immediately without being slimy like some serums can, plus it contained retinol which is revered for its anti-aging powers.

The WOAH Recovery Night Serum which contains a small amount of retinol
The WOAH Recovery Night Serum which contains a small amount of retinol

As a natural follow-up, I used the Recovery Night Cream which was much thicker and butterier than I had imagined and reminded me of a Body Shop. Body Butter . It contains 1% peptides and 0.2% retinol and my skin remained intensely hydrated.

The main street is always littered with amazing beauty saves.

Here are a few you don’t want to miss with massive online savings too.

Harvey Nichols-Fenty fans can choose the popular line here AND the likes of Chanel, Dior and Charlotte Tilbury are favorites here too.

Boots – The prices of the family’s favorite pharmacies. The beauty section is full of designer dupes and deals including 3 for 2 and BOGOF that shoppers can’t get enough of

Superdrug – A long list of brands with lots of budget prices, including a new section with brands like Carbon Theory, Elf Cosmetics and smaller, trendier brands like Juvia’s Place

M&S – High Street wouldn’t be the same without M&S ​​bridging the gap between pharmacies/supermarkets and designer beauty products. You can find affordable deals, but there’s also plenty of luxury with L’Occitane, Philip Kingsley and Luxe Paris.

In addition to the night cream, I used the multi-vitamin eye cream which worked wonders with the dry patches that often linger under my eyes. Eye cream can be a controversial topic in the skincare world – do eye creams really do something that moisturizer doesn’t? I think so, and my constantly dry eyes agree.

Finally, I applied the Hydrating Hide which says it can be left on overnight – I think it was a bit too far for my skin as it was pilling and I had to take it off before going to sleep. It was nourishing, and I imagine it would work great after a simpler evening skincare routine, but not as well as the night serum and cream.

Morning routine

The next morning I gave the cooling gel cleanser since. It was definitely a bit milder than the warm cloth cleanser and my skin was glowing afterwards, especially when combined with the vitamin C serum. Then I used the vitamin C moisturizing gel – I had never used a moisturizing gel formula before and it was nice to have a gentler alternative to use in the morning.

Although I liked the Recovery Night Cream, I went to bed looking like a greasy ball, so it’s best to stick to the advice on when to use what. To finish, I applied the SPF lotion and was pleased to find that it didn’t puff or pill under my makeup.

The products I will buy again

While I was very impressed with the entire skincare line from Next, WOAH, there are a few products that stood out to me that I will be buying full size and swapping with my skincare usual skin. My absolute favorite product was the multi-vitamin eye cream, which was thick and hydrating without irritating my eyelids.

The multivitamin eye contour cream included in the WOAH skincare range
The multivitamin eye contour cream included in the WOAH skincare range

It will replace my current REN Eye contour cream , which costs £32 more at £44, but I find it irritates my eyes. Other products I will be looking to buy full size are the exfoliator, which has made my skin soft, and the Recovery Night Serum.

The products that I did not like

Unfortunately, I will not repurchase the Moisturizing Mask which I found too thick. I will stay true to my beloved Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier.

Everything else was pretty good for the price, but I wouldn’t trade them in to replace any of my current products.

General verdict

The WOAH skincare range at Birmingham's Next
The WOAH skincare range at Birmingham’s Next

I was impressed with Next’s new skincare line and thought it was a promising start in the beauty world. Although I was concerned that some of the items were too harsh for my skin, and I think the Hot Cloth Cleanser probably was, overall I think Next has produced a skincare range to rival the top brands stocked by like NK space .

Plus, picking up the 12-bag tasting set for £10 is an absolute bargain. I’ll be interested to see how Next expands its beauty.

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