TriLite and Dispelix team up for an ultra-compact projection screen for AR glasses


TriLite, developer of miniature projection screens, has partnered with Dispelix, a leader in transparent waveguides for wearable devices, to create an ultra-compact display system for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses . The system combines TriLite’s Trixel 3 Laser Beam Scanner (LBS) with Dispelix’s advanced waveguides.

For AR glasses, the imaging system requires a projector, such as Trixel 3, along with a waveguide, which is a thin, mostly transparent piece of glass or plastic that bends and combines light beams from several sources in the eye.

Source: TriLite

According to the firm, Trixel 3 is the smallest LBS projector in the world, with a volume of less than 1cm3 and an ultra-light weight of 1.5g, the tiny module allows comfortable long-term wearing. It requires no additional relay optics between the LBS projector and the waveguide, typically doubling the size of systems that use competitive products.

The system’s combined form factor with Dispelix’s ultra-thin waveguide is one of the most compact ever, meaning AR will be possible in every pair of glasses, regardless of size or style.

In addition to the miniature size of the system, another benefit of the two companies working together is that TriLite’s high-luminosity LBS supports the large eyebox of Dispelix waveguides. This projection system can generate the high brightness required even for extreme outdoor use, for example, alpine ski goggles. The large eyebox eliminates the need for custom fit and adjustment of AR smart glasses, ensuring a true, crisp image no matter who wears the glasses.

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