UK’s ‘smallest detached house’ with amazing hidden basement on sale for £215,000



Eastgate Lodge on the grounds of Grimston Park, Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, looks tiny from street level, with the above-ground part just 10ft 10in square. But hidden below is the basement offering 306 square feet of living space.

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Inside the UK’s ‘smallest detached house‘ with a secret basement

A tiny Georgian gatehouse – billed as the ‘smallest’ detached house in the country – has gone on the market for £215,000.

Eastgate Lodge on the grounds of Grimston Park, Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, looks tiny from street level, with the above-ground part just 10ft 10in square. But hidden below are the 306 square foot living quarters.

Inside, the Grade II listed property features a bedroom with a mezzanine bed area, as well as a wrought iron spiral staircase.

In the underground part, it hosts a living space with a glass roof, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub.

French doors then lead to the garden below the two-storey house, with a wall unit, shrubs and seating area.

The unique Grade II listed detached house offers one bedroom with a mezzanine bed area and plenty of storage, accessed by a wrought iron spiral staircase.


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Current Eastgate owners Debra Bowman, 60, and Dave Bowman, 61, have lived in the unusual property for more than 20 years but are now selling in hopes of enjoying their retirement.

An advantage of the miniature size of the house is that it only takes 30 minutes to clean. “Who would complain about that,” Debra said last year.

The couple moved into the house in February 2000 after falling in love with it. “We previously had a very large semi-detached house in York, and we wondered if we could really handle such a drastic reduction from a three-bedroom property to a one-bedroom property with ease,” Debra said.

The underground living room of the house


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“The atmosphere made it a no brainer as it was so beautiful and all our fears subsided very quickly.”

But there were a few quirks to get used to first. “The bedroom is located on the ground floor and has a small spiral staircase that takes you to a sleeping area,” Dave explained.

“The mattress is on a platform rather than a bed frame and if you’re a tall person like me, you can hit your head on the ceiling a few times like I did.

“The spiral staircase downstairs takes a bit of practice, but it didn’t take long to get around it

The living space under a glass roof under the single-storey gatehouse


Jam Press/Hunters)

The estate itself is steeped in history, having been visited by many members of the British monarchy since the 19th century. He first appeared in the Doomsday Book in 1086.

Although set in stunning countryside, the tiny house is within easy reach of Tadcaster and the A64 and A1 motorways.

“You don’t just move in for the aesthetics, you also move in for the country house lifestyle in a comfortable property,” Debra said.

The property’s £215,000 price makes it a fifth cheaper than the average UK house price, according to the latest data from HM Land Registry. The asking price has dropped by £20,000 since last October.

The small garden below the house


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