USB-C cable with built-in LED display lets you see your device’s power consumption in real time


The smart little charging cable comes with its own built-in power meter that lets you know if your phone is actually fast charging or not!

With a nifty LED display built right into Chipofy’s USB-C socket, the cable lets you effectively measure your device’s power consumption while it’s charging. The screen provides different readings for different devices, with larger gadgets like laptops and tablets drawing significantly more power than phones, power banks and other Type-C devices. useful ? Well, Marks Brownlee don’t seem to think so, but it’s a handy tool that lets you really see if your smartphone’s 60W fast-charging capability actually delivers what it promises. Now if only the cable could show me my phone’s battery level without me having to wake up the screen!

Creator: Chipofy

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Designed to be more than just a cable with a gadget, Chipofy’s USB-C cable is actually quite a handy, durable and well-balanced little accessory. The cable itself measures 2 meters or 6.6 feet and comes with a braided exterior that makes it far more durable than those flimsy rubber cables that come pre-packaged with your gadgets (I’m looking at you, Apple). The casing around the port is also designed to be sturdy, with a flexible protective sleeve that ensures your charging cable doesn’t break or fray during regular use.

And the Chipofy cable is not just limited to power supply. It also handles data transfers, although the LED display on the cable doesn’t do much when you’re transferring data. That being said, the very presence of the LED screen itself is captivating enough to make it a compelling impulse buy. Roughly in the basic $20 ballpark, Chipofy’s cable is far more interesting than anything the best in Silicon Valley have released. I mean it’s 2022, shouldn’t all cables already have miniature screens? !

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