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As the restrictions surrounding the pandemic that has engulfed the nation for the past year and a half diminish, many of us still feel weary of the potential consequences that can arise from public gatherings.

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With this in mind, the University of Wisconsin Department of Art has set up two virtual galleries, free to all, to celebrate the amazing works of art created by students. This work of art can be viewed from the safety of a computer screen or other device.

Beginning first as a way to combat the lack of in-person exhibits, the online exhibits remain frozen in time, continuing to display the artwork created by students as they battled the adversity of the pandemic.

The two most prominent galleries are the UW Art Class of 2021 fine art exhibitions, which showcase the work of master’s students and seniors studying fine art. These exhibitions feature the students’ best pieces, culminating everything they have learned throughout their artistic careers in a gallery. The results are truly breathtaking – even those who have no immediate affection for the art will be breathless.

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Each work of art is different from the others, with artists exploring a wide range of art forms such as ceramics, painting, performance and more. There really is something for every niche to enjoy.

Besides art, this virtual gallery connects viewers with artists, providing miniature biographies detailing their pasts, influences and goals. For example, graduate student Oudi Wan uses a watermark technique to satirize society’s tendency to follow something based on popularity rather than quality.

From a Chinese perspective, Wan creates art for the purpose of helping observers base their opinions on intrinsic value rather than basing their assumptions on outdoor displays.

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The UW Art Department organizes these galleries each year to support its students while displaying the prestige of the program.

They are dedicated to developing aspiring artists to their full potential, creating incredible artists with a colorful perspective.

For the UW Art Class of 2021 Master of Fine Arts Exhibitions, click on here.

For the UW Art 2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition, click here.

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