Warning to anyone who kills flies or wasps in their home


UK households are being warned urgently DO NOT kill flies and wasps flying into homes this summer. It comes as the number continues to dwindle.

Numbers have fallen by 65% ​​in England over the past 20 years. Paul Hadaway, director of conservation at the Kent Wildlife Trust, said: “The results of the Bugs Matter study should shock and worry us all.

“We are seeing a decline in insects, which reflects the huge threats and loss of wildlife more broadly across the country.

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“These declines are occurring at an alarming rate and without concerted action to address them, we face a bleak future. Insects and pollinators are essential to the health of our environment and rural economies.” He added: “We need action for all our wildlife now by creating larger and larger areas of habitats, providing corridors through the landscape for wildlife and allowing natural space to unfold. to re-establish.”

The Natural History Museum said: “These insects represent some of the most important pollinators of plants. While plants are pollinated in different ways, crop plants pollinated by insects such as apples, pears, cucumbers, watermelons and almonds, will become significantly less productive without pollinators, and could fail altogether.

“The impact of the loss of insects goes far beyond our food supplies, as animals such as birds that depend on them for food will also be affected.”

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