Weta Workshop builds miniature Hobbiton display from LOTR and The Hobbit


You don’t really have to say it, but the Weta workshop is just amazing. Obviously in The Lord of the Rings movie the Shire is a lot bigger and Hobbiton is a little more alive, but just watching what is going on is awesome because it obviously takes a bit of work and isn’t something something that can be rushed just as much. There might actually be some people who would be bold enough to say that they could recreate Hobbiton in this way, but it’s kind of funny to think that unless one person builds these kinds of sets for a living. or as a hobby, everyone would think it would be so easy. There’s a lot of material, practice, and skill that goes into this sort of thing, and just doing it without really knowing what you’re trying to do isn’t always possible. The practice and attention to detail that goes into creating something like this would be intense, as trying to do everything right, scaling every detail down to scale to make it look good and match what it needs, would be nerve-wracking some people who aren’t into the smallest details and don’t want to sit there and lean over a little mound or a hobbit hole for hours on end. But hearing that they only had four days to get there is even more intense as you kind of assume that they would try to combine efficiency and speed, and you would think that they would have to sacrifice a little of each to get it’s good.

But the end result is superb and it looks like something that could be used in a movie if it was completely finished. Just thinking about the many other things Weta has done for LOTR is enough to amaze anyone, as the number of different projects produced on a regular basis by Weta and many other creators is mind-boggling from movies and television. shows require a lot of effects and props which can be used for various purposes. Looking at Hobbiton it’s almost like someone takes a simple example of a set of hills and starts from there with a lot of imagination. The idea that anyone would be living in what is essentially a hole in the ground is kind of off-putting, but when you look inside the hobbit holes, or at least inside the one that the audience was cleared to see in LOTR and The Hobbit Trilogy, we quickly see that they are cozy enough to be fair, even though they have low ceilings thanks to the small size of the occupants. A hobbit hole is not the kind of area where you might find a lot of people pushing five feet or more, as a hobbit is about the size of a big kid, the tallest of them still being quite tall. small compared to other breeds. . This is why Hobbits and Halflings are generally referred to as children by other races because if they are young enough it is difficult for people to tell at a glance given their small size.

But the Hobbiton creation in this way is great because if one can imagine this sprawling out and devoted to an entire area worthy of construction and painstaking detail, it is fair to say that it would take weeks to prepare if the amount of work it would require were given good time to deploy. With a large enough crew and enough skill set to make it happen this would certainly be possible, but only a few days to do something so detailed and impressive it is hard to say what could have been missed and what could have gone. to be a little better. It’s very hard to say just because it looks so impressive and it’s hard to criticize it so much without being able to replicate it in the same amount of time. Those who work in the Weta Workshop and anyone who does this stuff for a living should be commended for the ideas they come up with as there are many times when the most practical effects can be created using certain of the most mundane objects in a way they weren’t originally intended.

Many of us would probably wish we had the talent, the time, and the patience for something like this, but you have to remember that those who work in the Weta Workshop do it all the time, and what’s more, they take advantage. in. To be fair, it would be fun to be so talented and have the kind of patience it takes to see something like this come to life.

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