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The University of Wisconsin volleyball team unveiled the 2021 national championship banner Friday night, but that’s not the only new addition to the Field House this season.

UW Athletics included the volleyball team’s field in its Camp Randall Stadium renovations. They added additional ADA seating, a section of seating with chair backs – different from bleacher style seating – and a prime location called Bucky’s Balcony.

It is a space that connects to the 1917 Club at Camp Randall and can be used for football and volleyball games. It includes 28 bar-height seats for fans to purchase, and there are tables scattered throughout the space for people who don’t have a seat. Everywhere else is standing room only.

Jessica Fritz, a longtime Badgers fan, sat in the upscale seating areas of Camp Randall and the Kohl Center.

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“I think it’s great to expand this space for this team,” Fritz said. “The team, I think, deserves a space that attracts more people. It’s a cool space to come and hang out to bring a group. Every other sport has one, so the volleyball team should have it too. a space where you can walk in, tell your friend to come have a drink with you, watch the game and just have it a little elevated, but have fun as well.”

Bucky’s Balcony is the only place in the Field House where a fan can get alcohol – although it’s not included in the price of the seat and membership. Food is also available, though Fritz noted options are more limited than she’s seen at soccer, basketball, and hockey games.

The new space also offers a different view from most places in the Field House. He is higher and looks down the field from the baseline. Although some of the upper bowl seats also have this view, these do not include the same experiences.

Amy Sookochoff has been coming to UW volleyball games for a few years. With a girl who plays volleyball, she has seen the game played out from different angles.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a volleyball game from this perspective, but it’s a very unique experience,” Sookochoff said.

The height provides an aerial view of the court, but it also comes with its challenges.

The Field House is already heating up, and it gets even hotter when you step onto the balcony. Several fans were pulling off sweatshirts and fanning themselves in an attempt to calm themselves down.

It is also difficult to understand the advertiser. When the national anthem was introduced on Sunday afternoon, a handful of people didn’t realize it at first, rising only when the music started.

The sound issue continued as UW scored and the fans cheered. It was as if the noise was amplified, making it even louder than in the bowl. Some children blocked their ears on certain particularly noisy parts.

These complications did not prevent fans from flocking to the area during the weekend’s two matches. Bucky’s balcony was so packed during Friday’s home opener win over Marquette, the UW restricted media access to provide a better fan experience.

There was a smaller crowd for Sunday’s game against High Point, but all but two of the permanent seats were taken and several people crowded into the extra space.

“It’s such a positive experience,” Fritz said. “The fact that you can see both the Field House and Camp Randall…it enhances the Wisconsin-ness.”

UW coach Kelly Sheffield joked that he went to Bucky’s balcony and had a few beers ahead of the Badgers’ 3-0 win over the Panthers on Sunday afternoon.

“The space up there is awesome,” Sheffield said. “The view is amazing. I’m sure it’s a fantastic place to watch a game. It seems that some people like having chair backs. Who knows where we will be in the future?

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