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After watching Paige DeSorbo accuse Andrea Denver of “using” her out of affection, Summer House fans are accusing Paige of being a “hypocrite.”

After seeing Paige DeSorbo tell Andrea Denver that she felt “used” by him, summer house fans accuse Paige of being a “hypocritical. A teaser for next week’s episode showed the argument between Paige and Andrea about their failed fling. Andrea opens up to Paige about another woman’s refusal for her, and Paige returns it, saying that he came between her and Craig Conover. Paige tells the Italian model that she feels like he used her for his own personal gain. But viewers are calling out Paige for apparently trying to turn on Andrea.

Andrea was hoping to embark on a relationship with Paige after sharing a connection on winter house. Things went well during their stay in Vermont. With Craig still involved with Natalie Hegnauer at the time, Paige was free to explore her options and Andrea made the cut. However, things changed by the time Andrea joined Paige and in the Hamptons during summer house season 6. Once a newly single Craig showed up at the house, he was ready to finally pursue a relationship with Paige. Stuck in the middle, Paige ended up choosing Craig because of the deeper connection she shared with the Southern charm Star.


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A teaser for next week’s episode shows Paige and Andrea getting into a mini-fight over their failed romance. Andrea previously opened up about the woman, Lexi, whom he snubbed to sue his co-star. Seeing Paige choose Craig over him only reminded Andrea of ​​the mistake he made with Lexi, who is now his girlfriend. After confronting Paige, she defended herself by telling Andrea that he had impacted her relationship with Craig and that she felt “usedby him. Once viewers watched the teaser, Reddit user u/barbietingz124 explained how “frustrating” and “hypocritical“It’s Paige. “How is she going to be mad at Andrea for entertaining another girl while simultaneously entertaining Paige, when she did the same to Andrea and Craig??” they joked.

Three separate images of Paige and Andrea in different Winter House scenes

Paige is seen questioning Andrea for talking to her and the other woman at the same time. However, viewers saw firsthand that Paige was doing the same thing. At one point, Paige even kisses Andrea after hearing rumors about Craig and Kristin Cavallari. Many viewers feel like Paige is turning on Andrea and trying to make him feel guilty for something she was also doing. “Where was that energy when she found out Craig was dating KC behind her back??” added the Redditor, noting Paige’s nonchalant response to the Craig and Kristin rumors. Fans think Paige uses the “double standardto his advantage by making Andrea look like a womanizer when they were both playing on the court.

Another viewer said they “laughed“when Paige told Andrea she was feeling”used“because Paige was “USE Andrea FULLY to make Craig jealous. “Another fan asked”whenExactly, Paige almost chose Craig over Andrea. From the looks of the show, Craig was always her number one choice once she knew he wanted to be official. Paige’s next exchange with Andrea should put her back on the spot. summer house Fans weren’t too happy with Paige in season 6. Now that her best friend Hannah Berner is gone, the veil has been lifted on Paige and viewers aren’t too fond of what they see.

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