Zane Trace National Trail Miniature Railroad Club Open House



ZANESVILLE, OH If you love trains and seeing the different carriages and railroads, then you’ll love this event. The Zane Trace National Trail Model Railroad Club is having an open house this Saturday to show people their amazing work of creating a miniature version of the various railroads and tracks with replica trains based on the various railroads of the Zane Trace National Trail Model Railroad Club. ‘Ohio.

Trail Model Railroad Club Treasurer Rick Goodmen spoke about what inspired him to host an open house for people visiting the club.

“Back when we were in commercial gear, people came to visit, so if we thought we were going to go out and visit, we would just have to open for the weekend and just run trains because they would come to a meeting in the evening and if people work you can’t make it work and we’ve been doing it for at least twenty-five years.

Goodmen also said he wanted to hold an open house so he could teach future generations about the history of trains and railroads and what transportation was like before cars.

“Because they need to know how we got to where we are, they just don’t teach everything about railways when they were built and how they transported everything. When a lot of them come here, some of the younger ones are amazed that we built this and it means a lot to transportation in this country.

The National Trail Model Railroad Club Open House will be held at the Railroad Club located at 24 S. Sixth St in Zanesville. Open Day begins Saturday, November 12e and Sunday November 13e from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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